New Charity Charm Partnership

New Charity Charm Partnership

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Partnering with us is easy: 

  • The charitable organization purchases a minimum of 25 charms up front, 
  • These charms can be used by the organization as they see fit.  
    • They're great for fundraising items, 
    • Raffle items, 
    • Gifts to donors, etc. 
  • The cost to the organization is typically $10/piece - less than many traditional promotional items.
  • Retail for our charms is $29.99. 
  • Your organization obviously keeps 100% of any sales of charms you've pre-purchased.
  • More charms can be purchased (up to a maximum production run of 1,000 pieces per charm design) at any time.
  • Silver charm bracelets (compatible with all mass-produced charm bracelet manufacturers, like Pandora) as well as coordinating beads can also be purchased by the organization, at a discounted rate.

Charms4Good also then carries and sells the charms on our site,, plus at a variety of vendor shows we have scheduled throughout the year. 50% of the profit from each charm sold through our company is then donated back to your organization. Donations are made quarterly.

In addition to this being a great fundraising opportunity for your organization, it's also a great way to get the word out about the awesome work you're doing!

We will share on our website details regarding what your organization is all about -- including providing links directly to your site. All social media marketing with your charm will talk about your organization. Plus, when people are wearing your charm, and their friends and family ask about it, it gives them an additional opportunity to talk about your organization and share your mission!

PLEASE NOTE: All charities must be approved by Charms4Good prior to partnership. If your charity is interested in working with us, please e-mail Kimberly at